Giorgio Cirio

With this notes I wish to share my experience and the main events of my life, through 35 years of work and travels to destinations around the world renown for food and wine.

I feel very lucky, both for my cheerful and jovial personality and for my incessant desire for new experiences. I am active and curious, always ready to try, get to know and taste something; to make new friendships and see new places. I am not afraid of working. I grew up in a wonderful family. Our mother “taught” us and “beat” us to make us grow up on the right path. A fundamental teaching during my upbringing. My way of life is informed to simplicity, to waste as little as possible without lacking of anything, to see and taste the best things possible and thus to travel the world as much as possible. This is how I live! Travelling and seeing, experimenting and under- standing, getting to know and appreciating the products of human labour. I love travelling, seeing monuments and buildings, cities and art works. In particular I love grasping the secrets of life, by seeing craft works, and traditional food preparation methods, often time honoured traditions that technology tends to erase. I am strongly in favour of traditions, old ways and practices, although I use technology without altering the final quality, taste and flavour.

Both professionally and as a passion I have become a good connoisseur of food and wine from Monferrato and Langa, two terri- tories with slightly different characteristics: flavours are more delicate, finer in Monferrato and stronger, more intense in Langa. I have a penchant for the more subtle Monferrato flavours. My preference is not shared by many food and wine critics and gourmands who enjoy stronger and more complex wines, which, in my opinion overpower the pleasure of striking the right balance between food and wine.